Ternair Campaign

Design, plan and execute targeted, personalized 1-1 communication across all channels.

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Ternair Interact

Centralize the management of newsletters, leads and access on your website(s) and portal(s).

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Ternair Marketing­database

Create a single, 360° customer view by matching and combining customer data and calculating dynamic profile attributes.

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Ternair Clicks

Identify click behaviour on your website(s) and enrich your customer profiles with the online behavior of your visitors.

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Ternair Datamart

Organise all your data for reporting and analysis purposes, and make the data accessible in your own reporting tool.

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Ternair Profile

Link customer data and profiles in real time to your customer touchpoints, and make content relevant to visitors.

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Wordwide distribition iFy KLM Magazine with Ternair Campaign
Central login platform

Springer Nature

Central login platform for targeted distribution of content thanks to Ternair Interact
Central marketingdatabase


ISE realizes 360˚ customer view with Ternair Marketingdatabase
More cases

About Ternair

Ternair offers powerful marketing automation software to improve and speed up your data-driven business processes.

Ternair Marketing Automation platform enables organisations to reach customers at the right time through the most suitable channel, online and offline, with measurable results.

Trusted by over 50.000 users, the Ternair Marketing Automation Platform sends out over 1 billion personalised interactions and more than 400 million email campaigns annually.

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