Multi-brand e-mail marketing

For the management of databases, the selection of addresses, and sending of e-mails, Admitter was looking for a new solution which required the possibility of placing the entire process in a single application. By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, Admitter has a dedicated product for managing databases, selecting addresses, and sending multi-brand e-mails.

Admitter is an agency that handles e-mail marketing for business target groups. The address databases for the campaigns are supplied by B2B publishers which together produce more than 120 different business and professional titles. Admitter manages these databases but does not own a single address itself.

In 2010 the company worked with around 50 different address databases. That was more than their former provider could manage. It was for this reason that Admitter went looking for a new solution.

Centralise and manage data

Using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, Admitter has a suitable product for managing address databases. Customers are automatically recognised and merged through fuzzy matching. Profile information is automatically compiled by unifying attributes into distinct classifications (branches, jobs, etc.) and enriched through the calculation of attributes based on linked reference data.

“I need to rely on being able to serve our customers each and every day. Thanks to Ternair, I can do exactly that.”

Erwin van Faassen, co-owner and founder of Admitter

Multi-brand e-mail marketing

With the campaign management solution, target audiences are selected on the basis of all fields in the marketing databases and the responses to e-mail campaigns. E-mail campaigns can be set up and sent on the basis of a single dynamic template and all components (sender, subject and content) can be personalised for each media brand. The complete implementation was done within three months.

Since the implementation in 2010, Admitter has been working perfectly satisfied with Ternair. Errors are virtually non-existent: in more than ten years there were less than two days when it has not been possible to send any e-mails.

About Admitter
Admitter is an e-mail marketing agency specialized in creating business target groups via opt-in e-mail addresses. The company provides business email campaigns to a wide range of business target groups. Most of Admitter’s customers are in the Top 200 list of Dutch companies.

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