Relevant because of 360˚ customer view

Integrated Systems Events (ISE) is the world’s biggest trade fair in the field of audio-visual media and electronic system integration. The annual 4-day event attracts over 70,000 professionals.

More conversion and lower costs

From its inception in 2004 until 2016, every edition of the trade fair had its own database with registration of visitors. ISE wanted to professionalise and to coordinate the communication about its events on the basis of individual customer attributes. To achieve this, a 360o view of the visitors is needed, working across the boundaries of multiple trade fair editions.

“Implementation of the Ternair solutions has enabled us to communicate more efficiently and effectively with customers about what we can offer in trade fairs. More efficiently, because it costs us less time and manpower; more effectively, because the information we disseminate now is based on integrated and up-to-date knowledge of customers. This translates into a higher conversion rate from our marketing communication.”

With Ternair Marketing Database, a central marketing database was established that was based on links to the ISE systems. The data was standardised, matched and combined, and duplications were removed. This creates a ‘golden record’ for each customer. Ternair Interact provides automatic administration for subscribing to and unsubscribing from the ISE newsletters, plus the subscription management and returns process for the ISE magazines. Ternair Campaign makes it possible to have personalised marketing campaigns. Target groups are selected on the basis of, among other things, attributes and the response to previous communications. In campaigns, emails can be composed and sent on the basis of one or more dynamic template(s); within a single layout, all the elements of the newsletter (sender, subject, content) can be personalised based on such attributes as visit frequency and interest profile.

Following a 10-week implementation period, a central database of over 160,000 professionals was built up. Apart from a higher conversion rate and lower costs for its own trade fairs, this database also offers the possibility to set up additional business models.

About ISE
Integrated Systems Events produces b2b exhibitions and conferences for the professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries. The flagship event is Integrated Systems Europe. In addition there are the Smart Building Conference, Digital Signage Summit Series and Integrated Systems Russia.

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