Cross channel direct marketing based on a 360º customer view

RAI Amsterdam organises and facilitates congresses, trade fairs and events. As a facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam wishes to create the ideal conditions in which inspiring meetings take place and strong bonds are created. As the organising party, RAI Amsterdam aims to link context, content and communities with inspiring events. Each year, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre facilitates more than 50 international congresses, 70 trade fairs, events and more than a thousand smaller congresses, presentations and meetings attracting more than 1.5 million visitors.

Linking to data sources

RAI went looking for a specialist that would merge their customer information in order to create a 360º customer view. In two months’ time, Ternair implemented its web-based solution, Ternair Marketingdatabase, in which all underlying data sources are linked. Customers are automatically recognised through fuzzy matching then normalised and merged. The marketing database is the central environment in which the facts and the behaviour of all customers come together. The system forms the basis of RAI Amsterdam’s outbound and inbound marketing.

“RAI makes use of Ternair Marketing Database, Ternair Campaign and Ternair Interact. The interplay of these solutions means that we have the data connected with our marketing operation in order, and it enables us to interact with our customers in a relevant, direct manner. The Ternair platform also offers us a variety of options for further optimising our customer interaction, such as lead generation and personalisation on our websites.”

Using triggers, visitors and exhibitors can be selected and approached. The selection is performed directly in the source data, so nothing needs to be imported into a separate environment. With Ternair Campaign, RAI Amsterdam can respond in real time to all sorts of events that occur during and after an exhibition visit. Through email, text messaging and push messages on various websites, relevant target audiences can be approached at the right moment.

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