Ternair has extensive experience with the implementation of Ternair solutions. We integrate the various data sources, configure one or more components of the Ternair Marketing Cloud and train your marketeers to use the solutions.


Ternair provides training, courses and workshops for end-users. The courses are effective, flexible in structure, and based on practical experience.


Ternair offers operational support for all activities and questions involving Ternair Marketing Cloud.


Ternair helps your organization facing data-driven marketing challenges. For example, turning contact strategies and marketing plans into data-driven campaigns as well as automated customer journeys.


The solutions of Ternair Marketing Cloud are available in the cloud (Software as a Service) and on-premise (within the data centre of your organisation).

Extra capacity

To support your day-to-day operations, Ternair can deliver temporary capacity. Our specialists have hands-on experience with high-volume customer databases, campaign management solutions, email marketing tools, and analysis/reporting tools.

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