Ternair Marketing database

Marketing database to create a single, 360° customer view

360° customer view

Collect and integrate data from different source systems (CRM, ERP, customer service, my environment, newsletters, etc.) in one central marketing database. No more separate data locations, just one central marketing database that provides a single, 360° customer view.

Ternair Marketingdatabase | Collet all data in one place

Unique customer profiles

Create unique customer profiles, as companies and individuals are automatically recognised and merged via “fuzzy” matching. Save time and prevent errors with the Ternair marketing database.

Ternair Marketingdatabase | Enriching customer profiles

Enriching customer profiles

Enrich your customer profiles by calculating dynamic characteristics for each customer based on complete customer data.

Ternair Marketingdatabase | Unique customer profiles

Overview and insight

Keep track of all your customer data through one user-friendly interface. Quickly and easily gain insight at detail level.

Ternair Marketingdatabase | Overview ad insight

Create a datamart

Organize customer data for reporting and analysis purposes. You can use your own reporting tool to access the data in the Ternair Datamart.

Insight reports

View the real time results of your campaigns in reports, charts and detailed profiling. Improve your insight using tagging.  Analyse the behaviour of recipients and immediately optimise your campaigns and follow-up actions.

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