Ternair Interact

Data platform for managing and recognizing digital customer profiles

Administration of newsletters subscription

Automate the entire process of subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters within one single, user-friendly interface. Dynamic webforms, opt-in emails and insight into the history provide control over the complete process.

Collect all leads

Centralise and manage the administration of leads in real time obtained from websites and portals. Collect the data from information requests, downloads, workshops, etc. within one single environment.

Ternair Interact | Online CRM for websites

Authentication and authorisation

Control and facilitate the user management and login process from one central environment. Regardless of whether it is a website, webshop, portal or app. Ternair Interact enables this.

Provide access to protected, private content. The website is tailor-made and presented to your visitor based on current customer profiles.

Identifiable click behaviour

Identify the click behaviour on your websites using trackers, digital “fingerprints” and login details. Enrich your visitor profiles, recognise your customers and personalise the customer experience with relevant content.

Ternair Interact | Identifiable click behaviour

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