Connect and integrate data sources

Connect and integrate all your data sources within the campaign management solution. No more limitations with data, you will have access to all your customer details within one single environment.

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Connect and integrate data sources | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Build flowcharts quickly and easily

Build flowcharts for data-driven campaigns quickly and easily with the user-friendly interface. Just drag & drop.

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Build flowcharts quickly and easily | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Precise selection of target groups

Specifically target your customer groups by selecting and combining profile and behavioural data. You will save time as you can simply access the customer data within the campaign management solution.

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Precise selection of target groups | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Cross-channel campaigns

From one central environment, you can set up and automate campaigns for all channels; email, direct mail, telemarketing, text messaging, push messages, social media, et cetera.

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Cross-channel campaigns | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Personalised data-driven outbound campaigns

Generate dynamic campaigns and create content relevant to multiple target groups. Create your own HTML template, use RSS feeds or choose a standard template suitable for all devices.

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Personalised data-driven campaigns | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Real-time personalisa­tion customer touchpoints

Connect customer data and customer profiles in real-time to your customer touchpoints and create relevant content for visitors. The Ternair customer profiles will be accessible within your own CMS platform through a smart plug-inn.

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Real-time personalisa­tion touchpoints | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Automate planning and execution of campaigns

Automate planning and execution of event-driven campaigns. Increase your productivity and reach your target groups at the right moment.

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Automate planning and execution | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Clear reports

View the results of your campaigns in real-time using clear reports, graphs and detailed profiling. Analyse the behaviour of recipients and directly optimise your campaigns and follow-up actions.

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Clear reports, graphs and profiling | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Preferences & consent

Automate the entire process of subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters within one single, user-friendly interface. Dynamic webforms, opt-in emails and insight into the history provide control over the complete process.

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Preferences & consent | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Lead generation

Centralise and manage the administration of leads in real time obtained from websites and portals. Collect the data from information requests, downloads, workshops, etc. within one single environment.

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Lead generation | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Website tracking

Identify the click behaviour on your websites using trackers, digital “fingerprints” and login details. Enrich your visitor profiles, recognise your customers and personalise the customer experience with relevant content.

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Website tracking | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Customer data platform & 360° customer view

Collect and integrate data from different source systems (CRM, ERP, customer service, my environment, newsletters, etc.) in one central marketing database. No more separate data locations, just one central marketing database that provides a single, 360° customer view.

Create unique customer profiles, as companies and individuals are automatically recognised and merged via “fuzzy” matching. Save time and prevent errors with the marketing database of Ternair. Enrich your customer profiles by calculating dynamic characteristics for each customer based on complete customer data.

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Customer data platform & 360° customer view | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Reporting datamart

Organize customer data for reporting and analysis purposes. You can use your own reporting tool to access the data.

View the real time results of your campaigns in reports, charts and detailed profiling. Improve your insight using tagging.  Analyse the behaviour of recipients and immediately optimise your campaigns and follow-up actions.

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Reporting datamart | Ternair Marketing Cloud

Access & Entitlement

Control and facilitate the user management and login process from one central environment. Regardless of whether it is a website, webshop, portal or app.

Provide access to protected, private content. The website is tailor-made and presented to your visitor based on current customer profiles.

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Access & Entitlement | Ternair Marketing Cloud