Marketing Automation

Ternair Campaign is a campaign management solution for data-driven 1-1 campaigns across all channels.

Ternair Profile is a solution for real-time retrieval, selection and supply of 1-1 customer profiles.

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Customer Identity

Ternair Interact is a data platform for managing and recognizing digital customer profiles.

Ternair Interact contains modules to (1) automate the process of subscribing to and unsubscribing from newsletters, (2) centralise the administration of leads, (3) grant access to hidden, closed content with user authentication and authorization and (4) identify click behavior on websites.

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Customer Data Platform

Ternair’s Marketingdatabase is a solution to create a single, 360° customer view, by matching and combining customer information from various source systems and calculating dynamic profile attributes.

Ternair Datamart is a database solution to organize customer data for reporting and analysis purposes.

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Other solutions

Ternair Engine is a web-based interface to access and manage one or more databases. Simply search, view, modify and delete data via one user-friendly interface.

Ternair Time is a solution to manage timesheets. Register, plan, claim, recharge, monitor, report and manage your online hours.

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